Spycam Nyla Storm Gives JOI and a Cum Count Down Real Amateur

Spycam Nyla Storm Gives JOI and a Cum Count Down Real Amateur play

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PORN: I didnt want to wake my friends up and my mouth tasted foul after last night so I staggered through to the kitchen, it was then i found where Ashlie had gone, she was leaning against the cabinet, looking hot as hell in pink panties and a tight fitting shirt that showed off her almost perfect 28B tities standing erect underneath the thin layer of material, I shook her effect on me off and slumped onto the cabinet beside her, I sighed deeply and poured myself a glass of water from the fridge . Hey, Im damien, Ive told you about my prom night and how I lost my virginity at the afterparty, however, in the weeks that followed things certainly got even more exciting for me, if you want to know why, keep reading! Just to recap, it was the prom afterparty, my friend Sean had broken up with my friend Ashlie and at the party i was caught drunkenly wanking off to the thought of her, it was this that made me end up losing my virginity with another of our friends, laura, when we left last time, I had fallen asleep with Laura sleeping soundly next to me and my cock still in her cum-filled pussy. 'Are you okay?' I said

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. . Over the next few days I started to take opportunities to chat to Sara, only a little bit at first but I gradually built up the “chance meetings” and so on until we had a good relationship, she even started to talk to me as we passed on corridors, that was nice, she was a lovely 18 year old girl with long black hair and a sexy girly giggle

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Nyla Storm Gives JOI and a Cum Count Down