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after a while of playing my video games, gta 4 to be exact, i start to hear muffled moans and wimpers


. Brittany: "don't you even think about fucking leaving Chris" Chris" but i thought you wanted me to stop?" brittany: " i said it was wrong, i didn't say i wanted you to stop, get over here" Chris: " i was hoping you would say that" i walk back over and start tongue fucking her pussy, and i soon find her clit. Chris: "god brittany you are so fucking tight, it feels so good brittany: "OH GOD CHRIS!!!! I LOVE THIS FEELING, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!! STICK YOUR WHOLE LENGTH IN ME!!" Chris:" brittany!! I'm gonna cum!!!!" i start to pull out quickly brittany:" wait Chris!!!!!!!! i am on the pill don't pull out please!!!! Chris: "aaahh!!" Brittany: "ohh god Chris that was awesome, thank you!" Chris: " any time brittany" Brittany: "we should do this more often chris, my mom and dad go to work every Monday and Wednesday, would you want me to come over again?" Chris: "hell yea brittany i would love that Sam: "you know I'm going to tell mom right? breaking her silence both: "what!??!!?? Sam: "yea, this is gross, i will tell mom Chris: "Samantha what can i do to have you not tell mom, anything? Sam: "fine, every time brittany comes over, you give me $20

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. . I reached behind and unhooked my bra strap - or rather I tried to but although I wouldn’t admit it, I was still a little nervous at undressing in front of them in that way and I fumbled idiotically

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No way that thing was in her ass @Kanon Urara