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Tributo Czech Casting – Big Ass Blonde Confessed She Fucks Anything (9 min)

we took brakes from time to time losing any notion of time, but that morning all we did was fuck as we never did before, I could see her inner thighs still wet from her cum juices, her legs trembling a bit, and as she started to fondle my balls my prick I could not help but feeling great a dream like fantasy was happening to me, she ask me if I like what was happening, I could not say no because I was really enjoying it she bended forward so she could take my prick in her mouth, one could tell she was not comfortable in this area, she was use to do it to please her husband but not to get any joy out if, she didn't know she could, at first as she grab it, at the same time as she was putting it in her mouth a load of my pre cum came out, pulling back asking me kind of surprise what was that, with out a word gently push her head down, there was no need for answers, she didn't ask again not stopping until it was hard as a rock she new that much, she knew that's how she wanted it

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I'm not too sure what happened next, but we ended up sitting on the couch in just our Bikinis, the damp towels tossed aside, watching some show on daytime television,

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