Piscineiro Me Fodendo Na Beirada Da Piscina COMPLETO XRED | Melody Antunes | (5 min) 1080p HD

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By now I was standing behind her, my chest pressed against her back as she continued preparing our meal on the bench in front of her Japan Hdv – [Ts Jesse]. ” I said
Piscineiro Me Fodendo Na Beirada Da Piscina COMPLETO XRED | Melody Antunes | (5 min) 1

Shorts Piscineiro Me Fodendo Na Beirada Da Piscina COMPLETO XRED | Melody Antunes | (5 min)

Alana fucked my mouth with her tongue while she put her hand on the one tit I wasn't holding and began tweaking her own nipple, Her legs were spread wide, as were her ass cheeks, allowing me to push into her a few extra centimeters as we fucked https://xvideio.net/29113-in-the-cathedral-too-lus….

Piscineiro Me Fodendo Na Beirada Da Piscina COMPLETO XRED | Melody Antunes | (5 min) 2

Grosso Piscineiro Me Fodendo Na Beirada Da Piscina COMPLETO XRED | Melody Antunes | (5 min) Hardcoresex

her tits rising and falling from her sucking such hard heated breaths of air her eyes closed as

she is when sleeping but she wasn't sleeping oh hell no she was absolutely in fiery ass heated lust it had to be that!!

I began to hear her getting better breaths now her tits not nearly as jumpy as just a moment ago and her eye lids were flickering I could her eyes moving about in them now her mouth closed and opened as more grunting began to come from her and she was awakening from such heated battle Snake Lady had given into her ass as that made me get out from looking under and got up and walked back and behind her and slowly crept up where she was spread out and tied into a on her knees way her ass was jerking and jumping now the only thing besides her titties that had any movement at all as I heard my wife beginning to come more around she was smacking her lips now and little echoes of nnnnnghhhh nnnnggghhh come from under the table now as I saw my wife's pussy flowered out at her lips they swollen way bigger than i'd ever seen them juices leaking from within her depths onto tightly stretched out clit that was swelled out way further than I'd ever seen it juices dripping off of it her ass trying to churn wildly about but only slightly shaking and moving around!!

She was damn sure indeed in full heated lustful passion no damn doubt about that as I wondered just what was going to happen next What and who and what kind of cock was she going to get just as I hear steps in the hallway now the fevered excitement even getting to me now as I waited anxiously yes anxiously to see what or who came through that door as the lock no moved and the door opened just a slight bit and Snake Lady poked her head in and looked about as she screamed at me to get away from where I was that was not my privileged area unless ask to be there!!

I said Yes Mistress I was just making sure she was o, xvideio.net.

Snake Lady headed her words not one damn little bit while I was on the other hand wanting to turn my wife loose, But Snake Lady looked at me and said; “Don't you dare!!”

And then and there swung her hand down right on my wife's little bubble butt ass making the cheeks jiggle as my wife's head flung up and cried out in pain!!

Snake Lady just left her jiggling little butt cheeks And said; “Shut up you little Bitch of a slut!”

My wife now just pleading “No oh please no please no more!”

But it fell on deaf ears of Snake Lady who now was in full charge!! Of Me!! And my Wife!!

Then I could stand no more of helping with this and said; “Let's just let her go Snake Lady?”

My wife joining in “Oh please listen to him!! Please just let me go!”

Snake Lady wheeled that cart over and before I could make one defensive move bam something knocked me right off my wife a thump and my head spun for a moment and again and again beatings landed on me like a ball bat or something hitting me as I was thrown off my wife not knowing a thing until I looked up and way on the other side of my wife I was laid out head all but at the bottom bed rail, Snake Lady putting the bat back into the place on the cart and said; “I told your ass to obey me and now do I have to tie you up?”

No No I said shaking the cob webs out of my head a knot of pain on my head now as my wife was really flailing about again with her arms trying to fight Snake Lady off her legs and saying; ” You leave my husband alone dammit!!”

Snake Lady reached back at the cart again and grabbed something and before even knowing what it was My wife screamed bloody murder her whole body shook as she screamed out; “AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “NNNNNnnggh nnnnggghhhh” before and limply laying there breathing heavily her head and body shaking all over!!

As Snake Lady just put this long black carved snake looking thing with a forked like tongue on it back into the spot it came from on the cart and leaned up onto my wife's back pinning her limp body under Snake Lady's hands in the middle of her shoulder blades on each side while she leaned her head down near my wife's heavily grunting and breathing head up to her ear and gently said;

“That's it little momma just calm down my little darlin' and let's not have “this kind” of pain anymore!”

All my tiny little wife of barely 4'ft

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